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      Celebrating Graduates

      Celebrating Graduates
      Whether you’re a soon-to-be graduate, yourself, celebrating one, or long graduated, this is certainly a time to celebrate!

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      We are HHPLIFT

      We are HHPLIFT

      Hi everyone!

      Let us introduce ourselves. We are HHPLIFT: a charity, a social enterprise, and a Program whose mission is to forge economic independence through workforce and business opportunities for people facing barriers to fair-wage employment. Welcome to our blog!

      We are employment partners of various workforce development programs in Chicago, including Cara, READI Chicago, and Transition2Work, and our local workforces include people experiencing food and housing instability, those in the justice system and re-entering society, those most at risk for gun violence, young adults with neuro-cognitive differences, and those with physical challenges. And, globally, we work to create job opportunities through the distribution of social impact products produced by social enterprises such as Smateria, located in Cambodia, Malia Designs, located in Vietnam, and Back2Earth, located in Sri Lanka.

      We are a brand of beautiful, eco-friendly products, including a line of COVID-essential goods. We are a brand committed to making a difference for all of the individuals we work with. And, most importantly, we are a brand fueled by purpose.

      XO Candle

      How are we able to support our mission? By selling ours and our social enterprise partners’ goods in niche B2B markets that are difficult to penetrate, and to more traditional markets that are difficult to grow. These markets include the advertising specialty industry; the incentive, rewards, and recognition industry; retail distribution; and direct-to-consumer.

      So now that you know a little bit more about us, we can’t wait for you to take a journey with us through our blog! Sometimes we will be writing about our program–the LIFT™ Program–introducing you to our team, and sharing the day-to-day of life at HHPLIFT. And, other times, we will be talking about cultural events, sustainability, how to engage your workforce, and how to LIFT™ your look and LIFT™ your brand.

      Everything at HHPLIFT is on purpose. It’s where you can Buy What You Believe In™

      Until next time,
      The HHPLIFT Team