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      The LIFT™ Program

      Our LIFT™ Program is forging economic independence through workforce and business opportunities for people overcoming barriers to fair wage employment

      Our Program provides critical career development skills for people to transform their lives. Together, we SPARKCHANGE™ & LIFTLives™.

      At the LIFT™ Program, we believe that transformation is always possible. Our Program's workforce is comprised of people in and around Chicago who are overcoming barriers to fair wage employment, who are onboarded to the LIFT Workshop. There, they gain critical career development skills – through job creation, mentorship, leadership training, and holistic support – translatable to any workplace. The goal: breaking the cycle of poverty for them and their families through a career at HHPLIFT or beyond.

      Our workforces have included those in the justice system and identified most at risk for gun violence; those coming out of addiction and experienced housing instability, homelessness, and food insecurity; at-risk young mothers; young adults with intellectual differences; and those who are physically challenged. 

      We believe jobs alone are not enough to shrink the opportunity gap for people with significant barriers to fair wage employment. It takes a comprehensive and holistic approach to build a pathway to equity and economic independence. 

      What They Do:

      - Create, produce, and fulfill our LIFT™ line of bath & spa goods, face masks, eye masks, hand sanitizer, and lanyards 

      - Finish and assemble our ecoLIFT™ line of social impact home, office, and personal care products 

      - Kitting & assembly and 3rd Party Logistics

      LIFTProgram Additional Services and Skills Training:

      - LIFTU: educational opportunities & offsite events to further career development

      - Research & Development to create new candles from their inception

      - Healthy meals and snacks

      - Mentorship on healthy spending and saving to help forge economic independence

      Our Employment Partners:

      - READI Chicago

      - Transition2Work

      - Cara

      - FarmWorks

      - SEED

      - Growing Home 

      - New Moms

      Your support helps launch a career path for our Program associates, so, whether they chose to rise into a leadership role at HHPLIFT or move beyond, they will have a viable, portable career in the marketplace. 

      You are helping individuals overcoming barriers to fair wage employment LIFT their lives. And you are helping them LIFTUP their careers and well-being, making them ready for LIFTOFF: bright, fulfilling careers ahead.  

      Since 2018: 93 affiliate associates, from 35 neighborhoods in and around Chicago, have come through the Program, for a total of 68,867.35 hours of work. 

      Want to learn more? Contact us.

      Buy What You Believe In™ 


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