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      Our new ecoLIFT Artisan collection comes from EcoKaari, a social enterprise based in Pune, India that is founded on the principles of conserving the environment, creating employment opportunities for women most in need, and engaging with the community to raise awareness of environmental issues. Their aim is to provide a better living in a sustainable way.

      Our custom collection is made by upcycling difficult-to-recycle and non-biodegradable waste such as plastic bags, snack packages, vinyl banners, balloons, and old audio-video cassette tapes. The products are made by an ingenious process using traditional spindles and handlooms to weave fabric from waste plastic. The plastic is washed, dried, and sorted by color. It is then cut into strips, spun on a loom, then handwoven into colorful fabric. The production process is entirely eco-conscious using no harsh chemicals or electricity and managing water use. The finished products prevent thousands of pounds of waste plastic bags and wrappers from going into landfills and oceans, and enables livelihoods for more than 84 artisans.

      Keychain Keychains HHPLIFT
      Bottle Tote Totes HHPLIFT Blue
      Gray Round Planter Cases HHPLIFT
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      Blue Round Planter Cases HHPLIFT
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