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      Summer internship with HHPLIFT

      Are you a high schooler looking to make an impact? Gain service learning hours with hands on experience in our Workshop, marketing, and fundraising departments!

      In our LIFT Workshop

      Associates of the LIFT™ Program produce and fulfill orders for our LIFT™ bath & spa line and ecoLIFT™ home & office line, while learning critical career development skills needed for a successful career in any workplace. You’ll be working with the Director of our Social Enterprise, alongside the LIFT™ Program associates, while doing & learning the following:

      (1) Learn about workforce development programs and how the LIFTProgram relationships are built and managed. Understand:

      - Managing large and diverse teams

      - Trust building & teamwork

      - Working in the new world of COVID

      (2) Rewards of working at a social enterprise: work alongside a diverse workforce, including those from disinvested and overlooked communities in Chicago

      - Learn the manufacturing end of the business model

      - Take a deep dive into our line of hand poured candles, soaps, & bath salts

      - Learn the art of fragrance cocktailing (layering fragrances to create one-of-a-kind scents for our line of candles and soaps.)

      - Understand supply chain, RAW materials, and creating “recipes” for QuickBooks.


      HHPLIFT sells social impact products¬–both made in-house & curated from social enterprises throughout the world–direct to consumer and to other businesses. 

      You’ll be working with the marketing manager & sales team, while doing and learning the following:

      (1) Social Media

      - Convey consistent and relevant messaging across all platforms, including those marketed to consumers and those marketed to our B2B channels

      - Identify influencers that align with our brand/products

      - Create social media campaigns to pitch to influencers

      - Concept and create short videos to use for social media & outreach 

      (2) Outreach

      - Create presentations & applicable related assets for our B2B customers


      As a nonprofit, fundraising is a key component of HHPLIFT’s business. You’ll be working with the Director of Corporate Relations, while doing and learning the following:

      (1) Learn the HHPLIFT business model in order to:

      - Create compelling fundraising campaigns that explain our impact

      - Implement and tailor HHPLIFT’s brand language, as necessary, to specific funders

      - Match our mission & needs to the funding criteria of each funder

      (1) Research:

      - Research programs available at the City and State, and Federal level that align with our mission and work

      - Develop ideas that can be utilized within HHPLIFT based on funder’s criteria

      contact marlee@HHPLIFT.com for more information