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      Associate Board

      HHPLIFT’s Associate Board is an active, engaged group of emerging business, professional and civic leaders.

      Our board works collaboratively to advance HHPLIFT’s mission to provide sustainable livelihoods and job opportunities for individuals with barriers to employment. Leveraging their creativity, passion for philanthropy, as well as personal and professional skills, members build awareness of the HHPLIFT mission, HHPLIFT events and contribute to the ongoing growth of the board. 

      Questions? Contact Nick Bustamante.

      Nick Bustamante

      Nick is an account manager and the associate board director at HHPLIFT. He works closely with HHPLIFT’s clients, and the increase in sales under his watch has allowed HHPLIFT to help even more struggling communities. Previously, he oversaw the online presence for Dignity Diner, a non-profit.

      Molly Marcum

      Molly is an institutional sales associate with AllianceBernstein, with a background in communications and public relations. She has also been a golf instructor and spent her free time volunteering at golf camps reserved for inner-city kids in the Bloomington and Le Roy communities. 

      Mayra Rodriguez

      Mayra is an assistant project manager at Midwest Foods. Her background is in economics and finance, and she was also a recycling research intern at the University of Illinois. 

      Beccah Stains

      Beccah is a sales associate at Geiger, one of the largest family-owned and most respected companies in the promotional products industry. She was also on the board for Back On My Feet and a volunteer at Equality Illinois. 

      Noah Feingold

      Noah is an operations specialist for international business, with great expertise identifying new markets and partners. His passion is for mission-based business and he also helps corporations achieve their aspirations of genuine sustainability, corporate social responsibility, and moral and ethical leadership. 

      Laura Pliskin

      Laura is a project manager at Perficient, and a Certified Scrum Master. Previously she was a project coordinator for State Rep. Sara Feigenholtz and a public service intern for the Federal Affairs Office of Mayor Rahm Emanuel. 

      Diana Shulte

      Diana is a regional marketing manager at Sambazon, a socially and environmentally conscious company that uses organic food and beverages as vehicles for positive change. She is also a regular volunteer at PAWS Chicago and at the Lakeview Pantry.

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