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      Volunteer Appreciation Week 2023

      April 24 - 28, 2023

      volunteer gift ideas 2023

      Celebrate those making a difference for you with a social impact gift.

      Eco-Friendly R&R

      Pick-me-up for the Office

      Kits & Sets

      Volunteers make the organization go round. 

      Show your appreciation with a social impact gift.

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      Travel Mug HHPLIFT
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      12 oz. Colombian Coffee HHPLIFT

      Lift™ Bath & Spa Assortment

      The day-to-day can be taxing, especially for a volunteer. Show them how much you value their consistent dedication with luxe bath & spa goods made to embrace R&R. Scents for any occasion. Made in Chicago by people overcoming barriers to fair wage employment. 

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      Sea Salt Soak HHPLIFT Sea Salt 6 oz

      Looking For More? 

      Visit Our Lift™ Bath & Spa Collection

      Ethically Sourced Coffee, Tea, Snacks, and Accessories

      Sometimes a little pick-me-up is all the motivation you need to get your day started. Ethically sourced and wonderfully delicious coffee, tea, and snacks to start your day and keep it going. A perfect celebration of the work your volunteers do day in and day out. And pair with sustainably made and sourced bamboo accessories

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      12 oz. Honduran Coffee HHPLIFT
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      Bamboo Tumbler HHPLIFT 13.5 oz.
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      12 oz. Sumatran Coffee HHPLIFT

      Looking For More? 

      Visit Our Gourmet Food and Drink Collection

      Looking For More? 

      Shop Our Whole Bamboo Collection

      Kits & Sets

      Volunteers deserve it all! Honor their work, dedication, and value, and show your appreciation, with these kits. Multiply your impact with social impact gifts that give back. 

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      Art by Jason - Spa Day Set - WHITE TEA Spa Sets HHPLIFT
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      Double 12 oz. Colombian Coffee HHPLIFT

      All bath & spa and food & drink labels, and bamboo products, can be customized with company logos and art. Please fill out the form below or email tauna@hhplift.com for large orders with or without personalization. 





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