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      Boost your brand - inspired solutions with a social impact.
      HHP provides socially responsible branding solutions that boost your customers’ brand. Our socially responsible products increase employee and customer engagement and are perfect for all promotional programs, corporate gifts, and company stores. Ethically sourced and responsibly made, our unique, hand crafted products provide a pathway out of poverty and valuable social programming for underserved populations here at home and for our global artisan network.
      • Trade show giveaway
      • Customer appreciation gift
      • Corporate gifts
      • Holiday gifts
      • Donor appreciation gift
      • Incentive travel gift
      • Room gifts and welcome bags
      • Corporate meetings
      • Annual sales meeting
      • Special events
      • Golf tournaments
      • Branded solutions

      Socially responsible promotional products give businesses a competitive edge.

      In today’s increasingly transparent business environment, doing good is good for business. Consumers and employees are choosing to support companies and organizations that demonstrate social values and integrity. Giving socially responsible products is one of the easiest and most memorable ways businesses can demonstrate their commitment to corporate social responsibility (CSR) efforts. It's the best way to boost your brand.

      Download our PowerPoint presentation to learn more about it. Share this  with your clients to demonstrate how sourcing promotional items from social enterprises and fair trade organizations makes a difference to employees and customers as well as to their bottom line.

      When you work with HHP, we’ll provide you with compelling sales tools to help your clients recognize the proven benefits of sourcing socially responsible products:

      • Meet rising consumer demand for socially responsible products
      • Create an emotional and lasting connection between giver and recipient
      • Boost employee and customer loyalty
      • Reflect company’s values
      • Reinforce reputation as a trusted brand

      Why you’ll love working with us:

      • Great, unique products
      • Competitive pricing
      • Quick turnaround
      • Prompt and consistent order fulfillment
      • Excellent customer support and service

      Contact us for inspiring and creative branded solutions that give you and your clients a competitive edge.