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      About Us

      HHPLift presents bespoke designs to help you curate your gift shop. Choose artwork from your permanent collection or an upcoming special exhibition. 

      We are an award-winning nonprofit and People + Planet First verified employment social enterprise with a mission to advance economic stability by creating quality jobs for the people who need them most. We are a one stop stop for high quality, fashionable social impact products. 

      When you shop HHPLift, you Buy What You Believe In™ and bring about positive change and improve the lives of artisan workers locally in Chicago and around the world. 

      Custom Candles

      Luxe, sustainably handcrafted soy candles. Made locally in  by LiftWorks™ Program associates overcoming barriers to fair wage employment and learning critical career development skills in line with in demand jobs in Chicago.

      MOQ: 12 per design.


      8.5 oz. soy candle in a tube, with a custom label: $18.25 each

      4 oz. gold candle tin: $7.95 each

      Custom Bags & Accessories

      Exclusively available in the US by HHPLift, we are proud to partner with Smateria and bring their bags & accessories to you! Put a unique spin on current trends and memorialize your exhibits with products your patrons can keep forever. 

      Our signature line is made from repurposed industrial netting. And our award-winning Iki line is made from recycled industrial plastic, and uses over 85% less carbon than bags & accessories made from cotton, leather, and vegan leather. 

      MOQ NETTING: 24 per design

      Decoration method: color matched embroidery; up to 6 colors per logo. 

      MOQ IKI: 50 per design

      Decoration method: fused printing. Black logo on natural white.

      Case Studies

      Don't just take our word for it. Check out our recent case studies to see our products in action and the give back that each order provides to people & planet. We love working with museums to create custom products that allow patrons to bring a piece of your exhibits home with them.

      Get In Touch 

      To place an order, for our MAP agreement, or to learn more, contact wholesale@hhplift.com