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      HHPLIFT x Mother's Day 2022

      Happy Mother's Day 2022! There's no better way to celebrate than with HHPLIFT's good Mother's Day gifts for good. Unique Mother's Day ideas that give back to the artisans who make them is the perfect way to show your love.

      Check out some of the best Mother's Day ideas below to get you started on your Mother's Day shopping. HHPLIFT is the one stop shop for social impact products and the best place to find good Mother's Day gifts this year!

      These best Mother's Day gift ideas are guaranteed to make the moms, mother figures, and wives in your life smile and HHPLIFT's social impact assortment will do just that. 
      Check out our Mother's Day gift bags & accessories, curated just for YOU, bath & spa sets, Mother's Day candles, and tea! 

      Mother's Day gift ideas that LIFT the planet & the lives of the artisans who made them. All sustainably made with a social impact. Add purpose to your Mother's Day gifts!

      Bags & Accessories by Smateria: Let mom put her own spin on today's trends with our top 10 bold & unique Mother's Day ideas. Stylish & sustainably chic bags & accessories made from repurposed & recycled materials! 

      A good Mother's Day gift is a gift that gives back.

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      Momentum Backpack HHPLIFT Mustard
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      Nearby Shoulder Bag HHPLIFT Charcoal
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      Scout Purse HHPLIFT Gray
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      Expert Shopper Bag HHPLIFT Black
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      Wildcard Studio Bag - L HHPLIFT Mustard
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      Travel Passport Wallet Clutches HHPLIFT Bronze
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      Clarity Eyeglass Case HHPLIFT Mustard
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      The Treasure Pouch HHPLIFT Terracotta Red
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      Power Play Case HHPLIFT Black

      LIFTBath & Spa: The best Mother's Day idea is to treat your mom to the self care and relaxation she deserves with LIFTbath & spa. Good Mother's Day gifts that do good - sustainably made by an at-risk workforce.

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      4 oz Spark Tin Scented Soy Candle - XO Soy Candles HHPLIFT
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      Spa Day Set - WHITE TEA Spa Sets HHPLIFT

      Tea Sets: Cranberry Cheer tea & coasters will bring cheer and joy to mom. A perfect first Mother's Day gift to get you started with your shopping! 

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      HHPLIFT Colombo Crème Earl Grey Coasters HHPLIFT