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      Don’t Just Bathe, Make Waves ™ HHP's mission is to LIFT COMMUNITIES by providing a sustainable livelihood and job opportunities for people with barriers to employment. We're helping to provide a pathway out of poverty, and we created 1eleven™ by HHP, our social enterprise brand, as another way for us to accomplish this goal.
      HHP teams with Cara to hire adults from underserved communities in Chicago. At the 1eleven™ by HHP facility, currently located 3-1/2 miles from our headquarters, HHP provides job training, development opportunities, caring mentorship and continued support for our associates. HHP offers more than a job, we offer a pathway out of poverty and an opportunity to build a career. At the 1eleven™ by HHP facility, HHP associates make and supervise the production of our luxurious bath and spa line:
      • lathers (soaps)
      • sparks (candles)
      • melts (bath melts)
      • soaks (bath salts)
      • bath & spa sets