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      Shop For Good

      60% off the HHPLIFT GoodCarts Collection 

      with Coupon

      Shop For Good

      60% off the HHPLIFT 

      GoodCarts Collection 

      with Coupon

      HHPLIFT is proud to be part of the GoodCarts network of sustainable, "shop for good" stores.

      Join us in making the future bright for Logan and his family. From March 19-31, 2020 HHPLIFT will donate 30% of all online sales to #TeamLoganKowalski to offset the staggering medical costs his family will be incurring.

      Shop the GoodCarts Collection

      Every purchase helps SPARKCHANGE™ MAKEWAVES™ and LIFTCOMMUNITIES.™ 
      Swirl Bracelet HHPLIFT Black
      Aruba Weekender HHPLIFT
      Woven Palm Bracelets - Silver HHPLIFT Silver and Black
      Copa Shaving Kit Outlet HHPLIFT Corded
      Buena Vista Charcoal Duffel HHPLIFT
      Emilia Tote HHPLIFT
      Makeup Bag HHPLIFT
      Brilliant Bucket Mint HHPLIFT
      Adela Pouch HHPLIFT
      Buena Vista Corded Duffel HHPLIFT
      Spark Mint Tote HHPLIFT
      Daylight Blue Tote HHPLIFT
      Brilliant Yellow Tote HHPLIFT
      Star Mint Clutch HHPLIFT
      Spark Blue Clutch HHPLIFT
      Sky Bucket Blue HHPLIFT
      Precious Bucket Orange HHPLIFT
      Spark Bucket Yellow HHPLIFT
      Daylight Bucket Yellow HHPLIFT


      HHPLIFT creates business for social enterprises with workforce development programs that support and expand job opportunities for people with significant barriers to fair wage employment. 

       We are also a direct provider of jobs to people from underserved communities in Chicago through our 1eleven® Program.

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