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      Give and Get with the HHPLift GIVEBACK GIFTCARD™

      Weave purpose into the fabric of your culture and ignite a new generation in the workforce by aligning your supply chain with your values chain. Buy What You Believe In™.

      While other charity cards exist, HHPLift offers the only HYBRID card that allows users to support a charity and pick out incredible products: Charity + Merchandise. Here’s what else you need to know about the card: 

      The Power of CSR
      Establishing and maintaining a reputation as good corporate citizens has never been more important. HHPLift provides new and effective ways for companies to demonstrate this core value to employees, customers, and increasingly, investors. Utilizing the HHPLift GIVEBACK GIFTCARD is a great way for companies to make a social impact

      The Millennial Influence
      The HHPLift GIVEBACK GIFTCARD appeals to the growing millennial and GenZ workforce who want the option to choose unique products made in an environmentally and socially sustainable way. 

      Recruitment and Retention
      The HHPLift GIVEBACK GIFTCARD leverages the power of CSR, which is a proven recruitment tool. Giving this gift card creates meaningful engagement, builds brand loyalty, and increases employee retention. 

      To learn more, contact Jim@HHPLIFT.com.

      Buy What You Believe In™ 


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