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      Shop sustainably on Earth Day and everyday with HHPLIFT's environmentally- & socially- sustainable social impact products! Look and feel your best while LIFTing the planet and LIFTing the lives of the artisans who make them. Don't feel guilty treating yourself of gifting a loved one this curated collection of one-of-a-kind, fair trade practice items.

      IKI BY SMATERIA: Eco-friendly purses & accessories, handmade by artisans in Cambodia from recycled industrial plastic. 

      Reduce your carbon footprint while providing the artisans free health- & day- care and a 13-month annual salary.

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      Expert Shopper Bag HHPLIFT Terracotta Red
      Sale Off
      The Treasure Pouch HHPLIFT Terracotta Red
      Sale Off
      Daydreamer Tote – L HHPLIFT Black
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      Refresh Wash Bag HHPLIFT Black
      Sale Off
      Peppy Pochette HHPLIFT Terracotta Red
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      Leader Laptop Bag HHPLIFT Green
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      Clarity Eyeglass Case HHPLIFT Mustard
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      Momentum Backpack HHPLIFT Mustard

      BOWLS: Beautiful statement pieces for your home, handmade by artisans in India from recycled bicycle spokes & iron washers. Made 

      by an organization that provides health, education, and clean water, and more to its artisans, their families, and factory workers.

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      Endless Love Bowl HHPLIFT
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      Square Washer Bowl HHPLIFT

      GARDEN GOURMET: Fruit- & botanical- inspired soy candles designed to bring brightness, happiness, and a touch of 

      the garden to your table and home. Handcrafted in the LIFT™ Workshop by people in Chicago overcoming barriers 

      to fair wage employment. 

      RECYCLED BAGS & TOTES: Handcrafted from recycled rice bags, cement bags, & feed bags, and support 

      organizations fighting human trafficking in Southeast Asia.

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      Recycled Cement Tote HHPLIFT
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      Yoga Set HHPLIFT
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      Recycled Cement Day Bag HHPLIFT

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