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      READI Chicago ("READI") is an innovative response to gun violence in Chicago. READI works towards safer communities by addressing trauma and increasing opportunity among men most likely to experience gun violence. Based on evidence that combining cognitive behavioral interventions and access to economic opportunity can help individuals stay safer, READI works through community-based organizations to directly engage men at the highest risk of experiencing violence and connect them with mental health supports, paid transitional jobs and professional development, and support services.


      READI Chicago is built on the belief that helping people heal from trauma and develop skills that create pathways to safety and opportunity has the potential to save lives now, and to create greater opportunity and safety over the long-term. Investment in communities and local organizations is built into READI. The program is administered by Heartland Alliance and delivered through six community-based organizations, in order to leverage pre-existing community ties and relationships while building local capacity.

      In collaboration with HHPLIFT, affiliate associates from READI, working at the LIFT™ Workshop, created a new candle, Ravenswood in its entirety, from research & development to fulfillment. All the while, they were actively learning about what a social enterprise is and the facets of HHPLIFT’s business, through mentorship and educational opportunities. 

      Learn more about Ravenswood, here.


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