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      Candle & Soap Making Parties at HHPLift

      A customized experience tailor made for any occasion

      Come experience the magic of HHPLift and get your new favorite bath & spa products. Create personalized scents, make candles, soaps, & bath salts, and meet the team right in our Lift™ Workshop! 

      Merge fun with purpose & create an impact for people in Chicago overcoming barriers to fair-wage employment. 

      An interactive, fun, and memorable event, see first-hand how HHPLift breaks down barriers to employment through our luxurious bath & spa line.

      Make the experience uniquely yours! Our events can include drinks & hors d'oeuvres, and shopping for HHPLift products at an on-site pop-up store!

      Perfect for a bridal shower, bachelorette, birthday party, reunion of old friends, or a team-building activity for your workplace. 

      Led by the Director & Manager of the LiftWorks™ Program, you can create personalized scents and make candles, soaps, and bath salts right in our Lift™ Workshop.