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      Back to School 2022

      Go back to school with a social impact.

      The school year is right around the corner and HHPLift has you covered with fun and fashionable back to school items. Whether you're a freshman moving to campus for the first time or a senior getting ready for your final year, we've got the products for you. Turn heads as you go to class with our repurposed and recycled bags. Backpacks & totes, large and small, to hold you computer, books, and more. Necessary college accessories for toiletries, tech accessories, and papers. Add a pop of color and put your own touch on today's trends with our social impact assortment. The best gifts for freshmen, new student gift ideas, and more! 

      Bags & Accessories by Smateria: Impact

      Smateria products are handcrafted by Cambodian artisans from recycled and repurposed materials. These products are designed to withstand: Smateria's signature collection is made from repurposed industrial netting & the IKI collection is made from recycled industrial plastic. Proceeds help provide the artisans with free health- & day- care, and a 13-month annual salary. Freshman gift ideas, new student gifts, school shopping for your senior, and more, that give back to people & the planet.


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      Small Urban Pack HHPLIFT Persimmon
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      Momentum Backpack HHPLIFT Mustard
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      Flyby Laptop Backpack HHPLIFT Terracotta Red
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      Daydreamer Tote – L HHPLIFT Black
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      Groovy Messenger HHPLIFT Terracotta Red


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      Power Play Case HHPLIFT Black
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      The Treasure Pouch HHPLIFT Terracotta Red
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      Organizer Set HHPLIFT Mint
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      Refresh Wash Bag HHPLIFT Black
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      Travel Case HHPLIFT Navy Blue