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      Show your secretaries and administrative assistants how much they mean to you with HHPLIFT's social impact gifts that give twice. High quality, environmentally- and socially- sustainable products that will bring a smile to your secretaries' and administrative assistants' faces & LIFT the artisans who made them. Check out some of our favorites, here! 

      BATH & SPA: Handmade in the LIFT™ Workshop by people overcoming barriers to fair wage employment. 

      Treat your administrative assistants to some well deserved self-care!

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      Art by Jason - Spa Day Set - WHITE TEA Spa Sets HHPLIFT

      TEA: Made in collaboration with two refugee resettlement organizations. 

      A tasty treat for to show your appreciation for your administrative assistants.

      BAGS & ACCESSORIES: Handmade by Cambodian artisans from repurposed industrial netting & recycled industrial plastic. 

      LIFT the lives of artisan workers with these perfect gifts for your administrative assistant.

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      Daydreamer Tote – L HHPLIFT Black
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      Leader Laptop Bag HHPLIFT Green
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      The Treasure Pouch HHPLIFT Terracotta Red

      Administrative assistants keep our offices running seamlessly every day, taking on whatever tasks are needed to make that happen. Let’s celebrate them the way they deserve 

      this Administrative Assistants Day and every day and show them how valued they are. HHPLIFT’s social impact products are feel good items 

      that do good to bring a smile to your administrative assistants’ faces.

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