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      Our annual campaign for 2017 is LIFT COMMUNITIES. Together, we can provide a pathway out of poverty through job creation. Together, we can make communities here at home and across the globe sustainable. One way we are implementing this campaign is thru #111actsofservice. Our goal with this campaign is to create a social movement where everyone gives, volunteers or supports instinctively at least once a month. We know this can change our social fabric, bolster communities and get people taking immediate action.

      We promise on the 11th of every month to do an act of service. We’ll make sure you know when and what this is, as we’d love for you be a part of it. But we’d also like to create a community - providing a list of 111 ways to give back. It’s a living, inspiring, organic way to get people not just thinking about service, but taking action.

      We’ll start the list here, but we know you have ideas and inspiration, too! Let us know how you are giving back by using the hashtag #111actsofservice on your social channels, or by sending us an email and we’ll add your ideas, photos and inspiration to this list!

      To get things started, we’ve compiled 11 Acts of Service to get you motivated right now. Remember, if everyone commits to one act of service a month, we can create a movement, LIFT our communities and make a difference in 2017.


      #1: Donate. This one’s easy. Just simply give to a cause you care about or a hard-working group in need. When you donate to HHP for example, you are supporting our mission to lift communities by providing a sustainable livelihood for people with barriers to employment.

      #2: Inspire others to donate: Invite friends over for a simple dinner but tell them to leave the wine or host gift at home, and make a donation to an organization of their choice instead.

      #3: If you can’t donate money, donate time: So many organizations are looking for people with a variety of different skills. Let’s compile a list right here!

      #4: Reduce: Cut back on paper towels and tissues. Whether environmental issues are your cause or not, simply reducing our output is an act of service to our planet.

      #5: Donate your running shoes.

      #6: Lift: If you are blessed with even a little upper body strength, the simple act of helping a stranger at the grocery store lift their items into their car is most definitely an act of service.

      #7: Read: Pick up a book about a group, country or topic you’d normally never read about. Learning and expanding our understanding and tolerance of others is a great act of service.

      #8: Talk politics, but not just your own. Political meet-up groups are a great way to meet others and learn to respectfully discuss opinions.

      #9: The Boys and Girls Club offers great support for kids when they are not in school. They are always in need of donations and volunteers.

      #10: Take a self-defense class and pay for the class for someone who could use some empowerment.

      #11: Volunteer at 1eleven™ by HHP: Our spa goods are handmade by individuals with previous barriers to employment. We are always looking for volunteers to experience our inspirational workflow and meet our amazing staff members. And you’ll learn how to make soaps and spa products while you are at it. If you are a corporation or organization looking for volunteer opportunities for your group, send us a message.


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