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      We are a one-stop shop where socially minded shoppers go to discover stunning, sustainably sourced & sustainably made, artisanal products - bags and accessories made from repurposed and recycled materials; bath & spa goods made by people in Chicago from disinvested and overlooked communities; homeware made from sustainable bamboo, and more.

      Hip Bag HHPLIFT Charcoal
      Scout Purse HHPLIFT Bordeaux
      Marlee Bag HHPLIFT Bordeaux On Sale
      $25.00 $38.00
      Admin Tote HHPLIFT Teal
      Elastic Masks HHPLIFT On Sale
      $10.00 $11.00
      Faq Bag Medium Bags HHPLIFT Hunter
      Trek Bag HHPLIFT Navy Blue
      Carly Bag HHPLIFT White On Sale
      $40.00 $49.00