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      Earth Day

      Shop sustainably on Earth Day and everyday with HHPLift's environmentally- & socially- sustainable social impact products! Look and feel your best while lifting the planet and lifting the lives of the artisans who make them. Don't feel guilty treating yourself of gifting a loved one this curated collection of one-of-a-kind, fair trade practice items.

      SMATERIA: Eco-friendly purses & accessories, handmade by artisans in Cambodia from repurposed construction netting and recycled industrial plastic. Smateria's IKI line uses over 85% less carbon than similar items while providing the artisans free health- & day- care and a 13-month annual salary.

      BAMBOO COLLECTION: Homeware made from sustainable bamboo at a social enterprise in the Philippines. Each purchase aims to solve plastic pollution and rural poverty through the use of bamboo, a material that is sustainable, easily grown, and absorbs carbon in the atmosphere.

      BATH & SPA: Soy candles and aloe glycerin soap with no added chemicals.

      Hip Bag HHPLIFT Charcoal
      Admin Tote HHPLIFT Teal
      Cloud Bag HHPLIFT Lake Blue