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      Scented Soy Candles

      Sustainable scented soy candles handmade in the Ben Arkes Lift™ Center by people in Chicago from disinvested & overlooked communities who are overcoming barriers to fair wage employment. Made with 100% soy wax & cotton wicks, and packaged in reusable vessels. Soothe your senses with Lift™ scented soy candles & lift the planet and the people who make them. 

      Garden Gourmet line of fruit- & botanical- inspired scented soy candles designed to bring the garden indoor 

      Signature Scents of lavender, white tea, sea salt, rose gold, and more

      Show your love to someone special with our XO scent

      Transport to the beach with Surf, Breeze, and Coast 

      Support other nonprofits with Ravenswood and Honeybun