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      Joyfully compete to SPARKCHANGE™

      Weave purpose into the fabric of your culture and ignite a new generation in the workforce by aligning your supply chain with your values chain. Buy What You Believe In™  

      We’ve all heard of Black Friday, Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday. Why limit ourselves? HHPLIFT is excited to announce our HHPLIFT CHARITY ANYDAY, an experience for your whole company. 

      Set a day for your teams to shop with HHPLIFT and 20% of the proceeds from the sale of goods will be donated to your company’s charity of choice. Set up competitions between teams, departments or cities. We’ll set up a personalized landing page and whatever else you need to get the campaign going. It’s a great experience for the whole company, and a chance to shop consciously.

      To learn more, contact Jim@HHPLIFT.com.

      Buy What You Believe In™ 


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