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      HHPLIFT’s 1eleven® Program

      1eleven® leadership and career development program is breaking down barriers, creating jobs, and building careers and pathways to equity and economic independence.

      Our program provides LIFTTOOLS™ for people to transform their lives. Together, we SPARKCHANGE™ & MAKEWAVES™.

      At 111°, wax begins to transform. At HHPLIFT's 1eleven Program, we believe transformations are always possible.Through our partnership with Cara’s workforce development program, we hire people from underserved communities in Chicago to produce, design, and market our luxe brand of bath and spa goods. Our past and present program associates have each faced their own significant barriers to employment including housing instability, single motherhood, incarceration, developmental and physical challenges, violence, and more. 

      Each new hire begins their 3- part journey from SPARK (beginning the program) to RISE (leadership role) to LIFT (career track). 

      We believe jobs alone will not provide a pathway to equity and economic stability. Instead it requires a holistic approach. We don’t measure how many people cycle through our program, we measure how significantly each person cycles up in their journey. And whether an associate chooses to rise into a leadership role and career at HHP or move beyond, they will have a viable, portable career in the marketplace.

      Dignified jobs 

      + Sustainable wages

      + benefits equally shared by all employees 

      + one-on-one mentorship
      + education (LIFTU)
      + professional development
      + wrap-around support through our agency partners (UPLIFT)
      + a sense of community with a focus on health
      + a career path (LIFTOFF)
      = a pathway to equity and economic stability

      Want to learn more? Contact us.

      Buy What You Believe In™ 


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